Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Being All You Can Be

You have joined your network marketing program. You made the choice to start working from home. Excitement flows through your body and you think about how you are going to spend all that money you are going to make. Its a great feeling that you can lose real fast if you don't see some results.

How do you keep from losing that feeling? By being all you can be. You need to implement all that you have learned. Take action so you see the results, so you can keep the excitement flowing.

Be sure to design your Business Plan and Daily Action Plan. Follow those plans consistently and continuously. Track your progress every day to know where improvements need to be made. Update your business plan every 90 days to keep building your momentum. Set benchmarks and goals for yourself. And most of all..... keep training.

I read 4 to 6 articles on my business field a day. At the end of the week I choose 2 of the most interesting articles and 1 of my own articles on my web site each week. I need to keep new content on my page so that people will visit often and search engines will see it as a viable option for information. So my reading not only enables me to learn new ideas, but I have to read to keep my web site up to date with reliable information.

All businesses require that you learn new skills and build those skills so you can be successful. Network marketing is no different. It is a business that needs constant maintenance and adjustment. As your business grows you will need to add new tools to make your business run more efficiently such as autoresponders and SEO software for your website.

So just remember that to keep that excitement flowing, TAKE ACTION!

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Monday, August 07, 2006

Developing A Game Plan For Network Marketing

A clear, concise, and detailed game plan to help guide your success is a must for all network marketers. Some key elements in developing a game plan will help you design your map to success.

Your overall vision for your business will provide you groundwork. What are your income expectations and time frame for achieving them? Begin with a six-month schedule to focus your immediate actions.

You will want to work with your up line leaders to help find the answers to the following questions:

What is the highest position in your compensation plan?
How much earned income do you expect per month, and when do you expect it?
How much sales volume per month will you need to create in your group to earn that income?
How many distributors will you need to partner with to bring this about?
What position will you attain by month number 6?
What resources will you need to accomplish that goal?
Who will work with you to assist you in your goals?
How will you advertise and market your product, service, or opportunity?
Will you build locally and in person, or long distance by fax, phone, and Internet?
How will you duplicate yourself?

Build a Single Daily Action Plan to help support your desired goals.

A Single Daily Action Plan is how you will consistently and continuously bring about your success. It should include:

X number of prospecting conversations
X number of follow up conversations
X number of hours you’ll spend on training and building your down line
Any other daily action needed to ensure the success of your business.

Maintain a tracking worksheet.

Tracking is a must in network marketing. This will help show both your strong and weak points in your business. You can adjust your game plan according to your success and continue to improve your skills.

Keep tracking of your daily actions and what the results are. If you make 45 dials and have 6 conversations, you want to record that. If 2 of the 6 people you had conversations with made a purchase or joined your business, then you want to record that also. Every detail of your business should be recorded and tracked. It is the only way to truly know what is working and where changes need to be made.
Be sure to be consistent with you Daily Action Plan. The more action you take, the faster your business will grow. Which will also increase your bottom line income. We all want that in the end, right?

Every 3 months update your game plan to account for your work over the previous months. This will develop a forward momentum needed to build your business to its fullest potential.

Remember that you will not get rich overnight with network marketing. It is a business field that takes time to build to secure your financial freedom in the end.

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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Created a Press Release

Created a press release this week. That was an experiance in itself. From what I have read online, by creating a press release really helps to drive traffic to your web site. It was only released today on PRWEB. I went with a $40 donation and seem to be getting good exposure with it so far.

If you are going to create a press release for your home business. Be sure not to compose the the release as an ad, as it will get rejected by the editors at PRWeb. I found this out the hard way, when my first admission was denied. They were nice enough to call me and give me some advice on how to properly construct a press release. So the overall experiance of using PRWeb was very pleasent.

So ideas to keep in mind when creating a press release, is to make it newsworthy. Tell the basis of who the business owner is why why he/she is starting their home business. Explain the need for your product or service.

You can view my news article here. I received an editoral rating of 4 out of 5 on it, so using it as a guideline may help you prepare your press release. They also offer many tips and a template on PRWeb.

It is free to join PRWEb and you can create a press release for free, but for the better exposure you should donate between $40 and $80. You view the differences and what you acquire with the various donations.

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Friday, August 04, 2006

Long Week

It has been a long week. As most of you involved in MLM know, the amount of work to be completed to promote your products or service can seem overwhemling. With web site promotion, SEO, direct mail, email campaigns, calling prospects, and more. Sometimes it just seems like way too much to accomplish.

That is why scheduling is so important to a network marketer. To really take action and get the most out of your efforts, you really need to create a weekly schedule. Mark out the times of each day, Monday thru Saturday, that you will be working on your home business. Make a list of all the items you need to accomplish to promote your home business. Schedule those items throughout the week. Now these are action items, calling prospects, email campaigns, things that are going to potentially help your business.

Make it a habit that you complete certain tasks on certain days. This helps to ensure that all the neccessary work gets done. Buying tools to help automate your business can help alleviate some of these tasks, but are not required. You can find some of the tool available by clicking here.

Also, do not forget to schedule in training. Training is an action task, as it will help expand your business with the knowledge you gain. An excellent resource for network marketing is Leaders Club. They have really expanded my knowledge and helped me to improve my marketing skills.

Visit our web site to read more articles or get additonal information.

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

First Step Towards A Yes Decision

There is an abundance of prospects looking for a home business opportunity, but a majority of marketers are not closing these prospects. Often we are so focused on generating leads that we forget about working on closing the deal.

All the leads in the world will not do us any good if we can not get out prospects to a yes decision. We must master our closing skills.

A few key questions to ask yourself:

1. How good are my closing skills? (Getting a prospect to a yes decision)
2. Do I use high pressure selling techniques?
3. Am I generating the right attitude for my prospects to say yes?
4. Do I fear I am too pushy, so I delay closing a prospect?
5. What would closing more prospects do for me?

Most of us are not closing as many prospects or deals as we would like. The first step to reversing this is to understand where your closing skills are. By using the above questions you can rate your skills, and build those skills that you are lacking in.

Remember you must be taking a certain amount of action. Trying to build a business without taking action is like trying to build a house by sitting on the lawn. Action is considered actually making the calls and talking to prospects. You should be making a minimum of 45 calls over 8 to 10 hours per week.

Be sure to track your action. The number of dials, number of appointments you make, follow-up calls, number of no’s, and number of yes’s. Keeping track of your progress not only shows you the fruits of your hard work, but also shows where your improvement is and where more training may be needed.

Now, what is closing? Closing is getting a prospect to make a decision. Whether it is Yes or No, it still is a decision. Continue to follow up with your prospects till you close with them. Be sure to help them to make a decision, not force them to make one. Forced decision usually end up being a No decision.

TIP - Without proper closing techniques, most prospects will not make a decision.

Why do so many of us fail to close? The largest reason is FEAR! Fear of rejection, saying the wrong thing, or losing a prospect. Most people have these same fears when they enter network marketing. When I started in this business, it took me 3 months to get over my fears and start to feel confident in my skills.

Remember: Closing = Sales = Money Earned and No Action = No Business
So really get your business to grow, take action, close those deals, and create success.

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Using E-mail As A Prospecting Tool

E-mail marketing is no different from direct mail or prospecting by telephone. All the rules of marketing still apply. There are pros and cons to e-mail prospecting, just like any other form of prospecting.

With more and more people looking to automate their business, e-mail marketing is the latest buzz topic in this industry. The idea of instantly contacting hundreds or even thousands of prospects with the click of a button is an appealing one. But, few people put the correct time and effort into their email marketing campaign.

When planning your direct mail promotion, you will double-check the text and information, just to make sure everything is correct. Why? Cause you have to pay for the material and printing service. With e-mail, you just type it and click send. Easy, right?

Problem is, people do not take the time to spell check their email or proofread their content. Spell check is a nice tool, but it does not catch everything. So be sure to spend double the time checking your e-mail campaign as you normally would. This will help to avoid those “rush to send” mistakes.

Use e-mail marketing as a tool, rather then a sales pitch. Your goal should be to get a prospects interest and want more information, so that you can speak to them later about the product or opportunity.

Getting Results

Some people have a response rate of 6% to 7% while others get 0 to 2%. Why the difference?

The subject line. Your e-mail will never get read if someone deletes it right away. We all have been guilty of deleted what we call “junk” mail without even opening it. So your subject line is the most important part of your e-mail. Spend time creating different subject lines and test them. Figure out what works and use it.

A survey was completed about which subject lines work and which ones do not. The worst performing subject line was “This program is FREE FREE FREE”. The most popular subject line was “Your Account Status”.

So be sure to choose a subject line that sets your e-mail message apart, but holds true to the details of your message. People do not like being mislead, so a misleading subject line will kill any chances of getting your message across effectively.

Remember that good advertising takes attention, interest, desire, and action.

Good Luck To All Of You.

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Help Your Business Grow

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To help make sure business downline is growing, there are 2 main factors that need to be addressed. Effective advertising and effective follow-up. You need to make sure the advertising you are doing is bringing you the desired results, and your are following up on the leads you do develop.

Tracking is critical in networking marketing. You must track everything you do with your business. In terms of advertising, come up with a system to know where your customers and prospects are getting their information. This will help you to focus on the advertsing that works, and cut the advertising that doesn't.

Track your results of prospecting. Keep a record on when you emailed, called, left messages, and so forth. On average it takes 6 to 8 contacts before you close on a prospect. Now closing is either a yes or a no decision. But, be sure you close with every prospect.

Also, by tracking your efforts on building your downline, you can find any weakness in your approach and work on improving it. Network marketing is a skill that is learned and built upon. It is not something you just have or don't have.

Like any other business, you have to work hard at building your network marketing business. Create a schedule and stick with. Set time aside every working day for prospecting affiliates. Make sure you use the time schedule for the assigned task. You have to take action to build your downline. Don't let yourself be "keeping busy" instead of taking action. The difference between "keeping busy" and "taking action" is simple. We keep busy checking email, checking page ranks, reading articles, and we do this to keep from "taking action." We "take action" by working on tasks that actually build our business. Prospecting people is the key part to growing our business. If we do not expand our downline, we will never realize our income potential.

Best of Luck To All